Hair Extensions


Have the Hair of Your Dreams

Hair extensions are not just for adding length to hair, they also thicken up thin hair and can add highlights or fantasy color without fading or damaging your real hair. The majority of people that get hair extensions have been unhappy with their hair all their lives. Usually, the reason is because Mother Nature gave them less than perfect hair.  With hair extensions anyone can have the hair of their dreams. 


Extensions provide volume, thickness and color that creates beauty and confidence for those with fine or thinning hair. Extensions are housed in-salon, so there’s no ordering and waiting. You could have fuller hair today.

  • Length options (12”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”) let you customize your desired look.
  • 28 blendable colors work with your natural or colored hair.
  • Innovative tape system is easily reapplied; you can reuse your extensions without compromising the integrity of your natural hair.


The seamless solution. This are not a machine made wefts.  These beauties are hand-made 100% Premier Remy™
human hair extensions are cut from the finest individual braids. Hand-Tied Wefts create safe and simple extension options for every guest.   There are 20+ shades to choose from.


At the tip of each extension is a thin sheet of keratin. The keratin is specifically shaped to bond to your hair with a simple application. The keratin tips are color tinted so that they blend naturally with the color of your hair for a nearly invisible look. 

The quality of the keratin allows you to get 2-5+ months of wear out of your hair extensions. With some routine maintenance, you can continue to wear your  hair extensions by just adding a pack of hair (25 +/- strands) as needed. Add additional packs of hair to maintain fullness.

Because of the I-Link and Fusion hair extension process of strand-by-strand application, there is no bulky weave or track. In turn, your hair has free flowing movement for easy management and a totally natural look.

Fuller, more beautiful hair happens in a few easy steps:

  • Schedule a consultation with your regular Wild Olive stylist.
  • Choose your ideal length and color combination.
  • Have your hair applied in the length of a regular color/cut appointment—there’s no need to spend a full day in the chair!

The application lasts 6-8 weeks, when you’ll need to come back to have your tape-in hair extensions cleaned and re-applied. With proper care, you can use them for up to a full year!

For costs on consultation, application and cleaning, ask a member of our team or call 910.325.7026.